Are you planning to make your pupper part of your wedding day? Paws up I say! Many brides and grooms wish to pay tribute to their best petfriend on the day they exchange their vows, so let me tell you from a canine’s perspective we do love to be more than just guests. But, as it happens, not all of us are up to the task (I’m giving you the shy puppy eyes here). Before you go and decide we should arrive wearing a bowtie, I’ve totted up the best tips for you hooman spouses to be to consider. 

  • NO TWO OF US PUPS ARE THE SAME, so you might wish to be certain of our character prior to assigning us the very important role of a ring bearer, a flower gal, an announcer or a bridesmaid. Some of us get excited around people and new surroundings, which means we love to sniff around, chew-up, steal a treat or go after anything on wheels. Make certain we do not get the jitters around crowds, or chase your great auntie, that we can follow up with simple commands and won’t add stress to your day (more puppy eyes here). Although I’m positive that Nathalie and the girls will go beyond to make your day a perfect one, it would be quite the challenge trying to train us for the wedding only a few weeks ahead. 
  • EACH EVENT IS WAY DIFFERENT FROM THE NEXT – am I right Aline? Especially when it comes to destination weddings some locations and level of formality allow only for smaller breeds to participate. I’m quite the big guy you know and I’m not certain I’d be a perfect match for an indoor event. It’s not me, blame it on the genes (and bacon). That said, genetic inclination that comes with some breeds may make your furry buddy quite uncomfortable in a closed venue, while they’d be much happier in an outdoor space. If we can’t do it, please don’t be sad, we’ll wiggle that tail happy when we see you walk down the aisle on the wedding vid. 
  • LOOKING OUR BEST for you is something that can add serious stress to us pooches. As furry participants nothing will make us happier than bork and shine for you. But taking us to the grooming salon won’t suffice. If you wish us to try on a new accessory, you may wish to help us try it several times before the big day. A heavy wreath or a stuffy veil can be chewed in zero time so if you wish us to wear blooms also make certain to ask Aspa for florals that are non-toxic to pups. 
  • KEEPING US SAFE means that you should always ask your venue if they use pesticides on their plants. We’d hate to ruin your special day by accidentally touching or chewing on a poisonous leaf (or material). The same goes for treats that we may receive from unsuspected guests, or food we might…ehm… discover… by coincidence (don’t look at me, I didn’t steal that nugget). Ask your guests (especially the younger ones) to refer from offering us food, especially candy and chocolate, and make sure there is a safe place for us to nap and feel easy when we are not attending one of your events. 
  • ANXIETY IS A BOI’S WORST ENEMY. We need to be calm and cool before we escort you down the aisle or announce you to your guests. We will need some walking, pooping, petting, food and water and if you happen to come by a pocketful of doggo treats we’ll feel rewarded and therefore up to our task. We love to sniff around and get familiar with each new location so a great idea is to have us explore your venue prior to the big day, so that we all get to avoid any enthusiastic burst. 
  • MAKING A STATEMENT without us being necessarily present is also a great way to include us into your celebration if circumstances don’t allow. We’d woof the idea to be the chap featured on your wedding invitations, to be a small part of your cocktail display, or dessert station, to be your inspiration for a canine-themed wax seal, tableware, favors, decorative pieces or heck… even the groom’s scarf. And if you need more pupper wedspo I’m pretty certain Nathalie and the team will soak your wedding concept with ideas. 

That was all folks! Now if you’ll excuse me, my show is on and I’d like to go and hide my squeaky toy under the couch before I go sleep racing. I hope I have been of service. 

Smell you later


July 10, 2021